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11 people killed at illegal crossing near Nayandahalli

Children crossing the tracks Nayandahalli, Bangalore.

By Suraj Radhakrishnan

Bangalore, Sept 29: A section of the railway track adjacent to Nayandahalli station is precariously positioned between two bustling streets. The tracks here swarm with people during traffic hours.

Sathish Kumar, station master, Nayandahalli metro, said, "It is actually an offence to cross like that. We had sealed it off but people eventually break it for convenience."

"The prescribed fine ranges from 500 to 2000, but in my four and a half years here, I've fined nobody. It's useless!" He exclaimed.

Nagamma ,50, vegetable vendor right beside the train track says, " A 20 year old boy died just 3 poles away from me a month ago , nobody monitors this place and it's dangerous."

The bodies of the victims are rarely identified on such cases. This prevents substantial record keeping in these stations across the city.

"We have the records of nearly 50 deaths here. None of the bodies are identified. We just know the number." said Sathish.

"A lot of children cross these tracks every day. We can't keep shooing them away. If the road is permanently sealed off, then we can prevent accidents" local resident Rajan said.

The laws are in place to punish offenders but the number of offenders always prevents officials from enforcing them.

“There is a need for proper planning when it comes to heavy vehicles like trains. Any form of interruption during its journey is very hard to handle. The roads need to be sealed off well. As a former resident of the area, i know the extent of the issue. It needs immediate attention from the authorities.”

“The roads need a gate and a railway traffic official during peak traffic hours. The presence of gates and an official can help turn this unorganized situation to a win-win for all.” said Mr.T.Ramalingam, retired Indian Railways chief engineer.


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