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Illegal advertising bills deface the city

Illegal bills on name indicator on South End Circle,Jayanagar.

Image Source: bcity.in

Shivam Rai

Bangalore, 29 Sept: Illegal bills of advertising companies for accommodation on name boards is making the city look ugly and is creating problems for the commuters to recognize the name of the area.

These bills mainly exist on Jayanagar,Kanakpura,J.P Nagar,Bannerghatta.etc.These bills are illegal under the IPC section 425.Damaging public property is an offence under this law and it can lead to a jail term for three months or fine or both.

“These bills are pasted for selfish purposes and advertising companies don’t think that it will make the city look ugly,” said Ramesh K, a local resident and shopkeeper of Jayanagar, 2nd block.

Manjunath Uppar, a businessman and a local resident of Bannerghatta said that these bills not only deface the city, but it also creates a problem for the commuters to recognize the area.

Illegal bill at name indicator at Mysore Road

In 2015, the advertising department of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP had issued circulars stating that those who erect illegal hoardings have to be fined as much as the fee prescribed for a legal billboard and the hoarding should also be pulled down. However, these illegal bills still can be seen.

Under section 436A of Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976, the advertiser is liable to pay for earning revenue using the space owned by BBMP, but still there are no notices issued to collect fines from these advertising companies or to remove the hoardings.According to The Hindu, in 2015, four surveys were conducted and it was found that there are 4000 illegal bills in Bangalore.

Hamsa.K, Advertising contractor of BBMP says, “We have started a drive to remove illegal publicity materials from the city. Nearly 487 banners were removed from eight zones. Regarding the bills issue, we haven’t considered yet, as we get orders from higher authorities, we will start working soon.”


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