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Monkey menace continues in the city

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Bangalore, 29 Sept: Various localities like Boomanahalli lake city, Devanahalli, Kalkere in Bangalore are facing major problems with monkeys. Life has been disrupted for these residents. The forest department has not come up with monkey relocation project.

Monkeys are now getting into the houses of the residents in groups. They are creating a ruckus leaving people scared and helpless. Gopal (36) shopkeeper by profession and a resident of Kalkere said “this happens frequently and there is no stopping to it and he along with many other residents have filed  complaints but BBMP deputy conservator has only provided with volunteers”.

Volunteers help people in this situation by reacting and setting up traps, but it is not enough to calm down the situation. These monkeys also sometimes scratch and bite if provoked. Approx 11 injuries per day in India and 9 to 10 cases monthly happens on an average in Karnataka and Bangalore, (down to earth.org) leaving parents afraid for the safety of their children. It is also causing financial damage by breaking crockery, looting vegetables from the vendors.

Sharath Babu ,  BBMP Warden Wildlife conservator, said “Monkeys do not bite generally but can be furious when poked by children and that can be the case when monkey will attack. Due to deforestation monkeys go to high rise apartment for food and can go aggressive when suddenly denied food directly or indirectly.

For overall solution there is a need to relocate the monkeys in different parts of the city which is a big project and can be done only by the permission of Forest Department which has not happened”. Last week a group of monkeys created panic in Devenahalli by snatching food from the hands of the passersby and surrounded the area disrupting lives in the area.

Mike Pandey Wildlife Expert said” Monkeys are attracted by smells of spices and food that are sometimes kept outside for drying in Indian households. Monkeys are territorial animals and they also get attracted to garbage and food source in the residential areas. They are powerful animals and usually move in groups so there is always ruckus when they get into a residential place”.

Dos and dont's brochures are sent to the affected residents with necessary precautions and measures for their safety. The residents are now planning to question the Forest Department in this matter for a better solution.

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