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Fire safety precautions lacking in buildings in Electronic City

Image Source:The Hindu

Karen Noronha

Bangalore, 29 Sept, 2016: Thousands of lives are at risk due to the newly built high rise apartment blocks in Electronic City which fail to meet fire safety standards according to the Fire Department of Government of Karnataka.

A total of 106 cases of fire have been registered at the Electronic City Fire Station from January 2016 till September 13, 2016. Section 13 of Karnataka Fire Service Act, 1964, states that any building above 15 meters has to have fire safety measures.

Prakash, a software engineer at Wipro said, “We are in need of a house as we come from different cities and purchase whatever is close by to our job location. There is a huge question mark over the fire safety in high-rise residential and commercial complexes especially when the ground floor is given to use because of its commercial rental value.”

A fireman at the Electronic City Fire Station said, “In a survey done by us in the residential buildings of the area last year, around 1,200 high rise buildings did not have proper safety instruments. We passed on this information to our heads and this case is still on in the court.”
He also said, “Many builders take permission from the Gram Panchayat to build a three-storey building and once they obtain the permission, they keep increasing the floors. Once permission is granted, we can’t do anything about it.”

Bangalore South (Electronic City Fire Station) 2015:


Residential Fires

Industrial Fire

Commercial Fire

Property Involved




Property Lost




Property Saved




Arun Mukherjee a fire and safety expert from the National Safety Council says, “Till an existing building or a building under construction does not get certified by the Fire Officer, there are chances of it being illegal as they do not get the occupancy certificate.”

“ There are surprise checking’s carried out at least once in two year to check if the fire safety measures provided in the high rise buildings are as per applicable law. If not, the owner or the builder will be provided with a notice,” he added.

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