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Wrong parking tops the list of traffic offences in Bangalore

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Jenika Shah

Bangalore, 29 Sept: Fifty percent of the total traffic violations in Bangalore  are because of wrong parking which is followed by the cases booked for rider without helmet and reckless and over-speeding of vehicles.

Bangalore traffic  police has booked 44,03,985 people under the Motor Vehicle Act (M.V. Act)  till June 2016.Of this, the major cases were booked under wrong parking,reckless and over- speeding of vehicles, and rider without helmet.

Traffic police constable Mr. Shekharappa said "Traffic management centre of Bangalore has made execution for preventing the road accidents by putting the sign boards, charging people with fines and in a few situations even cancelling their license. But still every year there is an increase in the cases booked under M.V. act.

 In the year 2015, Bangalore traffic police booked 75,22,561 people for various offences of the M.V.Act and in the year 2014 it booked 73,43,075 people.

Traffic police constable Mr.Shivkumar at Jalahalli police station said “Major road accidents have been caused due to reckless driving and over-speeding, even after charging people with fine for the same”. 

Dr. Ajith Benedict Rayan a medical director of the Hosmat Hospital which mainly deals with trauma accidents said, “Number of road accidents have reduced this year because of the implementation of the helmets but still every month they get 300 cases of road accidents.” He added even the traffic police were at fault because they failed to monitor traffic rules.

As per the report by the New Indian express, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) M.A. Saleem said, “We are conducting special drives on a routine basis in order to sensitize the public on traffic rules. This is an ongoing process to curb violations and will change the scenario in the long term. We are also booking cases against parents if any minor is caught riding/driving.”

An interview with The Hindu a traffic expert M.N Sreehari said, “It is the responsibility of every individual of keeping the lanes clear on both the Traffic Police and the locals of the area. He also suggested that a good way to reduce traffic violations would be to install CCTV cameras across 5,000 major junctions, which would make violators think twice before breaking traffic rules. He suggested that the annual turnover of around Rs. 60 crore collected as fines by the Traffic Police could be used for this purpose.”

Number of people booked under M.V ACT



Upto 30/06/2016

Wrong parking




Rider without helmet




Reckless and over-speeding







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