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MGNREGA fails at Bangalore, employs just 10 per cent

A labour working under the MGNREGA scheme at Gollahalli, Bangalore.

By Hakimuddin

Bangalore, Sept 29: In 2016, less than 10 per cent of Bangalore card holders for ‘Mahatma Gandhi National rural Employment Guarantee Act’ are provided with the work.

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), launched in year 2006, is an Indian labour law which aims to enhance the livelihood and security in rural areas by providing at least 100 days of paid employment in a financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled work.

In Bangalore, under this program only 1,934 card holders were provided with employment out of 48,467 holders. While in Rural Bangalore 9,846 card holders are provided with employment out of 73,283 holders. These figures get even lower when it comes to achievement of 100 days of employment period. Only 178 laborers have achieved the target of 100 days of employment.

The MGNREGA scheme has succeeded to enroll workers in the program, but it has failed to provide employment to laborers on daily basis.

Mr. Babu S., the development officer of MGNREGA in South Bangalore zone says “There is inconsistency in the flow of employment from Government to card holders. The government is unable to generate employment, which can employ all the card holders.

“One of the major cons of this scheme is that it failed to provide employment to labors for 100 days constantly, which is the prime motive of this scheme.” He added.

Golahalli Panchayat Development officer, N Munichickiah said “People in Golahalli Panchayat are employed with work, the current number of labors working under the scheme are 1,800. There is lack of labors in agriculture sector as people are not interested in working in this sector. Here under this scheme we have constructed 20 houses.”

Hemanga, one of the workers from Devegere who enrolled in MGNREGA scheme says, “In beginning of the scheme I worked at construction sites as labor for 20 days, after that I never got employed again under this scheme, whenever I approached for work, Panchayat refused.”

Dr. N. Murthy, Ph. D. in political science says “MGNREGA is one of the prime schemes launched by government, as it promises to provide the employment to skilled and unskilled workers it carries huge responsibility.”

“The con of this scheme is that number of card holders is much more than the number of employment scheme has to provide. MGNREGA has failed badly at employing labors for 100 days, which is the main motto of this scheme.” He added.

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