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Students, Stress and Suicides

Image Source: wakingtimes.org

Shubhangi Shukla

Bangalore Oct, 27: A NIMHANS study revealed that eleven per cent of the college and seven and a half per cent of the school going adolescents reported suicidal attempts as a result of depression, stress and anxiety.

The study also recorded that “Most frequently reported sources of depression, stress and anxiety were academics (62.7 %), family problems (25.4 %) and problems with friends (11.8 %).”

Shaurya, a BBA second year student from Christ University said, “The procedure of entrance examination is stressful for students.  Once entrance is cleared, many expectations related to academic performance is kept from students.”

Dr. B.N. Gangadhar, Director, NIMHANS said, “When students come to seek help for depression, stress and anxiety we divide them according to the level of severity. The students having suicidal tendencies are immediately admitted for treatment. We provide different types of treatment as medicines (anti-depressants), yoga, psychotherapies depending on the seriousness of the patient.”

A Study on Engineering and Medical Students
A study by Anzyme Biosciences Pvt. Ltd and Sarvasumana Association and Subharati Niriksha Foundation in 2015 on Engineering and Medical students found out that, “33.6% of the students suffered from stress, 49.3% from anxiety and 37.8% from depression in varying levels of severity. The stress, depression and anxiety owed to the ever-increasing study load and expectations for society.”

Anzyme Biosciences Pvt. Ltd and Sarvasumana Association and Subharati Niriksha Foundation recorded 152 students from which 50 boys and 102 girls were in Medical Course and 104 boys and 48 girls were in Engineering Course.

Dr. Sulata Shenoy, Director, Turning Point (a psychological centre), Jayanagar said, “In the case of adolescents and college students parents do not take their child’s suicidal attempts seriously.”

Fighting the stigma

Dr. B.N. Gangadhar said, “One major problem in the case of depression, stress and anxiety is the social stigma. It is carried at all levels of the society. The fellow students carry this stigma; they often ridicule the psychiatric symptoms of the suffering students. “

“Family, teachers and society should take the initiative to focus not only on grades but on the overall growth of the child. In a student’s career grades must never overpower the life of that individual.” He added.

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