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65 lakh vehicles in Bangalore streets, and rising

Priyanka Sarkar

Bangalore, October 27, 2016: As per the Bangalore Traffic Police Department, the total number of vehicle registration in Bangalore till September 2016, is 64.84 lakh.

There has been a steady increase in the number of vehicles being registered — from 41.56 lakh in March 2012 to 55.59 lakh in March 2015.

The city also has a high number of booked cases under Motor Vehicle Act, Karnataka Police Act and Towing Cases. The number of cases being booked has increased from around 74.36 lakh in 2014, 76.26 lakh in 2015 to 66.85 lakh till September, 2016. This shows an approximate increase of 14.44% in the number of cases from last year.

This steep increase in the private vehicles validates a study published in “Developing Country Perspectives on Public Service Delivery” by Department of Civil Engineering and Centre for Infrastructure Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning, IISC. It confirms the shift of the city towards private vehicles – mostly two-wheelers and cars.

There has been an alarming rise in the number of accidents occurred in Bangalore. It has increased from 4828 in 2015 to 4117, till September, 2016. The deaths have increased from 740 in 2015 to 612 in 2016.

R I Qasim, MCA, ACP, Traffic and Planning say, it all acts in a chain system, increasing number of vehicles registration causing increasing violations, eventually causing accidents. Every day there are 700-1000 vehicles being registered in the city. Bangalore City Traffic Police (BCTP) has implied the use of several automated machines, for detection of violations. Automation equipments now record more violations that field workers. “We don’t anymore do Traffic Planning, it is only Congestion Planning”, he added.

MN Sreehari, Traffic Expert says, every one out of two person in Bangalore has a vehicle and the 60 lakh number excludes the transit vehicles from outside Bangalore. But, the Traffic Management team is doing a good work in terms on tracing road violations.

As per India Online Pages, an online portal, the recent estimates shows the population of Bangalore as 1.15 crore. In approximate amount there has been only a growth of 6.2% in population in Bangalore, in comparison to 2015.

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