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Big Bangalore problem gets a solution

Image Credit: Aman Arora

Mansi Bhasin

Bangalore, 27th October, 2016: The BBMP is planning to beautify the black spots the citizens have mapped through a group called Mapunity groups. The project will be a public- private partnership and will clean the major black spots in the city.

Mapunity groups had started an initiative to solve the big Bangalore problem of garbage by mapping black spots (garbage dumps) in different parts of Bangalore. It was initiated by citizen matters with Mapunity in August 2016. Since then, 1100 black spots have been mapped through the initiative. This information will then be given to the BBMP.


Mr. Reddy, Who is a resident of Bangalore since the last 25 years, said, “ I live in Viveknagar, and many people dump garbage there. It stinks and has caused diseases to a lot of us. But, they do not improve. Both are at fault, the authorities and the people.”

Rounded Rectangle: A black spot is a place where Garbage is dumped in the open.

Citizens of Bangalore, can also spot garbage zones and post our data on the app. The app is called Mapunity groups.

“Looking into the roots of these black spots, these were created by the public only”, said Mrs. Hemlata, assistant executive engineer, solid waste Management, BBMP. Speaking about the future plans, she also added, “These black spots will be cleaned and beautified according to their area size and location. We will prominently plant trees or put up benches. If the area is more than an acre, we would make a park or any other public space.”
The BBMP said it will redesign only major black spots which are causing a greater impact on the public.

N.S Ramakanth, who is an active leader in the field of solid waste management and also the chairman of the Loksatta party, has given a detailed plan of what the authorities are planning to do with these black spots. They are as follows:

  • Two bins will be installed in each of the black spot. One for dry waste, one for wet waste.
  • One man will be appointed to inspect the black spots and see that people do not mix waste.
  • That appointed officer will call the garbage truck or the garbage auto once the bins are half- full.
  • People who do not segregate waste will be fined.
  • Two ex-servicemen will be appointed in each ward, they will be called as the clean marshals.
  • These clean marshals’s job profile is to solely penalise the people who are violating the laws.
  • Nominations for these people are going on now.

Mr. Ramakanth believes that only beautification of the spots will not be sufficient. We have to give an alternative to the people which will help in careless dumping of Garbage.


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