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Anganwadis in poor State

Lack of toilets in the Anganwadis affects the health of children
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Darshan Baid

Bangalore: Oct 27 - Non functional toilets and sanitary system in the anganwadis lead to diseases among the children. Lack of nutritional foods and proper health care also an area of concern for the welfare of people who cannot afford these things. Lack of space hinders the construction of a bigger the anganwadis to suit the need of people.


Certain plans were promised by governments that were not met. Government official also never came with proper explanations that why works relating to the development is delayed.  



As per Supreme Court’s rule there should be one anganwadi per 1000 population or one anganwadi per Kilometer. But authorities are not capable of meeting the Supreme Court’s need.

Kathyayini Chamaraj, executive trustee of Civic Bangalore said that the condition of anganwadis is very miserable, government and authorities responsible for the development should be questioned about the condition.

She said that because of lack of toilet the children have to do defecate in open drains, because anganwadis do not have proper toilets.
She added that Building Constructor Association had 4000 crores in their fund which they have given to Municipal Corporation for proper maintenance of anganwadis and day care but the funds were not used.

She mentioned that according to the panel headed by Justice N.K. Patil, the panel came up with the minimum requirement for anganwadi like proper toilets, proper and nutritious food for malnourished children and women at cheaper rate all of which were also not met.  

Total number of 0-6 children in Bangalore district as per 2001 census


Number of anganwadi needed if ICDS is universalized


If 40% BPL children are in Bangalore who need anganwadi, no of children needing it


No of anganwadis needed by 40 % poor children


Currently existing anganwadis in Bengaluru        









*Data by CIVIC Bangalore.

Shivaapa, 39, a father of one of the kids in the anganwadis said that due to lack of toilets and proper sanitation system his child fell ill and is getting treated the hospital. He also said that due to lack of toilets children face many physiological problems; the authorities should work to get proper facilities for children and other inmates of anganwadi.

Rounded Rectangular Callout: Shivappa, 39, Father: “Due to lack of toilets and proper sanitation system my child fell ill”

Swetha, an officer at Department of women and Child Development said that not all the anganwadis have toilets because they started their operation a long time ago so there was no provision to build the toilets. She also said that various schemes like Swachh Bharat Mission have positive impact on the anganwadis.

Environmentalist K.L. Prakash said that every anganwadi should have toilets, he said now-a-days in developing nations like India people are laying emphasis on having proper toilet and sanitation systems and government should also think toward the betterment of the public and should do well to ensure public well-fare.


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