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Bangalore: City Tankers operating without Licenses

Water Tankers deliver drinking water to many residential projects including apartments

Image Source: Blogspot and Observv.com

By Vivek Dubey
Bangalore, Sept 27 2016
: The water tankers come under the list of trade license fees, yet most The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) are not aware of trade license fees.

Rajesh Reddy is an owner of a water tanker, operating in Hebbal. He said that he has been in the tanker business for 12 years now and there were no rules to extract groundwater when he started the business.

BWSSB had written to BBMP in April 2013, asking to ensure that water tankers compulsorily get trade license and display the source of water on the license. H.M. Ravindra, Chief Engineer, NW Division said BWSSB can’t control water tankers unless the State government gives us authority. But, BBMP says that they can do anything until the tankers obtain a trade license. BBMP is not aware how many water tankers are operating in the city, and l not paying any fee.

BBMP officials are not even aware of trade license to be issued to water tankers. Dr Vatsala BBMP Chief Health Officer said she didn’t know about issuing trade licenses to water tankers.

Dr Surendra, Dasarahalli Zone Health Officer said that they are not issuing trade license, because BBMP hasn’t included water tanker under trade license.

Dr Manoranjan Hegde, BBMP Councilor, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar zone said there was no system of issuing trade licenses to private water tankers.

The BBMP’s trade category and license fee, part IV of trade license fees  includes the licensing of water tankers too. There is Rs 1,000 fee for trade license of water tanker.

According to Trade license it is also mandatory for water tanker companies that also own bore-wells, to obtain power license from BBMP for using electricity for commercial purpose.

H.M. Ravindra, BWSSB chief engineer, gave some pointers on what should be done to operate water tankers legally. To get the license for starting a water tanker business,

  • Register the tanker with Regional Transport Office (RTO).
  • During registration, the capacity of the tank and availability of food grade coating to waterproof the surface and prevent corrosion and bacterial growth, and EPI (Ethoxylated Polyethylene) coating is checked.
  • At last apply for trade license from the BBMP, giving details about location, the quantity and quality of water that will be extracted etc.

BBMP also has some regulations, as stated below:
    • The water tanker / tractor shall have a valid RTO Registration.
    • The source of water must be in the trade-license.
    • The tariff of each water tanker / tractor should be visible on the tanker.
    • Every load supplied should have receipt number and date.
    • The quality of water from the source and from the tanker should be tested and certified as per ISI standards by the laboratory governed by the BBMP.
    • The water tanker agency should have details of monthly records of the number of water tankers supplied, tariff, quality of water and tanker etc and submit the details to BBMP on a regular basis.




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