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Public Smoking penalties cause no harm to smokers

By Darshan Baid
Bangalore, Sept 22, 2016: Students and employees can be seen smoking in public in India. This is against the law, causing damage to public health and breaking laws. Saurav Singh, 23, a student of AMC Engineering College said people can be seen smoking in public despite relevant laws and they do not care about the fine at all because they can escape it easily.  

S.P. Patil the superintendent of police of Kumabalgodu police station said now-a-days it is quite difficult to monitor the laws and instances like public smoking are quite prevalent in areas with rampant educational institutions because of youngsters and he added there were six cases of public smoking but people get off easily because of le of penalty amount.

Arun, 47, who has a plastic shop was smoking said that no one is feared of the law because it is very easy to escape the law by paying the cop Rs 200. He also said that “he was caught twice by the police and he gave the fine and was free. He said that sometimes cops say to collect the fine receipt from the station but he never went to collect the receipt because he never felt the need of it”.

K.L Prakash, the Assistant Professor in the Environmental Science department of Bangalore University said “Public smoking is common problem in thickly populated places like bus stands, railway station. He also added “authorities have given certain laws and effects of public smoking on the health of public and passive smoking which cause problems.”

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