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Mobile towers signal health concern for JP Nagar residents

Mobile tower poses health hazard for the residents of Deepak Layout

By Anjala Farahath

Bangalore, Sept 22:  Residents of Deepak Layout, J P Nagar, complain of health issues resulting from mobile towers installed atop buildings in the vicinity.

Most people in J P Nagar 7th phase, residing close to the mobile tower, report sleep disorder, headaches, joint pains and fatigue. Satish Gowda, one of the first residents of Deepak Layout said, “ The mobile tower has been there for seven to eight years now. My wife has frequent body ache and headache that is unbearable. We don't know if it is because of the mobile tower, but it might be the cause.”

Vidyadhar S.B, a proprietor of Deepak layout, had tried to install a mobile tower in his building earlier. However he had to forgo the plan as residents and neighbors protested, fearing the harmful radiations. “The network providers were paying me Rs 20,000 per month, but the residents were uncomfortable with the setup and protested. The income was good but I had to refuse the installation as the residents feared health hazards attributed to the mobile towers,” said Vidyadhar.

Experts believe exposure to mobile tower located within 50m of one’s home is similar to 24 hours in a microwave, as the report on cell tower radiation submitted to department of telecommunications quotes.

Muniappa, the owner of the building with the mobile tower refused to comment on the installation of the tower and was of the opinion that since mobile towers are necessary for the cell phones to function, its adverse effects should be ignored.

A report by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) states the possible carcinogenic effects to humans. It may cause giloma. a type of brain cancer. Towers are more dangerous than handsets because they emit greater magnitude of Radiation 24x7. However, the Department of Telecommunications has instructed that there should be no buildings within 55m range from the tower.

Another study by EMF health reports the harmful effect of a cell phone antenna or tower within 400 meters. It states that this can cause a serious harm to the health and increase the rates in Cancer.

Dr. Vishal Rao, Surgical Oncologist at HCG has done a research on the dangers of cell tower radiations. He said “It (mobile towers) is a major concern as there is definite data that radiates high doses of non-ionizing radiations is dangerous. There is definite evidence that these radiations are carcinogenic. The ionizing radiations cause heat, like being in a microwave oven, and the ionizing radiations can cause DNA damage. Naturally installation of mobile towers is a thriving business as the consumer demand is more.”

As per the guidelines of Department of Telecommunication (DoT), all the telecom operators will have to establish that all general public areas where mobile towers have been installed are in safe electro magnetic field exposure limits. The DoT guidleines guidelines reiterate that telecom enforcement resource and monitoring (TERM) cells would deal with all radiation-related technical details.

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