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Govt fails to maintain public toilets in Bangalore

Image Source: DNA


By Shivam Rai

Bangalore, Oct 25: Bruhat Bengaluru Mahangar Palike(BBMP) has built 479 toilets across the city, but 24% are unusable due to lack of maintenance.

These toilets were built at a cost of Rs 100 crore by Infosys Foundation, where Rs 8 lakh was alotted to build each toilet. Rs 2 core are provided to each ward corporator annually for development however, the Ward Corporator fails to maintain the toilets.

Out of a total of 198 wards in the City, most wards have just one or two functional public toilets. In 2015, BBMP planned to make all the toilets cost free to stop open defecation.
Mahesh Kamat, a resident of Shivaji Nagar says, “Making urinal cost free is of no use as the toilets are so dirty that we can’t enter inside it,”

“These toilets are never maintained, even the e-toilets which were built last year are also not maintained, this leads the city to health issues.” says Dinesh Gowda, an IT professional and resident of Indiranagar.

Mujahid Pasha,former chairperson of BBMP’s standing committee on Public Health says,”We had plans to renew these toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission,but the plan got scraped as the committee changed and now the new committee should have done that by now.”

V. M. HEGDE , expert in Urban & Regional Planning and former director of Dept of Town Planning, Govt of Karnataka says, “ We should be happy that corporation has constructed these toilets and it requires public co-operation to maintain these toilets. As urban planner, the plan will be successful at the time of preparation, implementation or enforcement provided there is a public co-operation”.

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