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Farming reaches new heights

Image Source: cityfarmer.info


By Karen Noronha

Bangalore, Oct 25: Around 2000 buildings and houses are opting to grow their own fruits and vegetables on their terraces according to Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation (VMSRF).

The Department of Horticulture with support from the District Horticulture Society has distributed garden kits to those interested in terrace gardens. M.S. Raju, Assistant Director of Horticulture said, “In a city like Bangalore, where most of the rivers are polluted, it is best to grow your own crops than rely on the crops sold in the market.”

Dr. B.N. Vishwanath, father of organic urban terrace gardening, in India says, “There are various things we need to keep in mind for a healthy organic terrace garden like – the right space, proper soil, which all crops can be grown on the terrace and how much water is needed for each plant depending on the season and climate.

"What shocks me are the changing climactic conditions of Bangalore. Something has to be done to counter the loss of tree cover, and the poison in air and water.” He added.

He also said, “Besides the decorative benefit, the other benefits of terrace gardens are, it helps to trap and hold rainwater, chemical-free fresh vegetables, it cools the house, it is also good exercise while tending and watering plants. It helps in regulation of oxygen levels and also gives you fresh vegetables."

Many homemakers, especially housewives are opting for terrace farming for their home vegetable needs.

Arijit Mitra, a resident of JP Nagar has various videos on ‘Roof Top Vegetable Garden Module in Bangalore’.

He says, “Different plants have different watering needs. These gardens are self watering, self fertilizing, organic, leak proof, light weight terrace & balcony gardens."

Madhusudhan from back2basics farm, a unique Bengaluru-based company supplies locally grown organic food. They provide a same-day-as-harvest doorstep delivery. Madhusudhan said, "I began chemical-free cultivation of greens, soon producing far more than my family could consume. I distributed the produce among friends and family, whose encouragement led me to turn to full-time farming. Their waste is our wealth and vice versa. These products are fresh and organic, the demand for such fruits and vegetables is more.”

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