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No one knows about new crop insurance plan


Farmer from Gonipura unaware of the new crop insurance policy



By Mohitjeet Singh Virk
Bangalore, September 22, 2016: Less than half per cent of farmers in Bangalore have enrolled for the crop insurance scheme floated by the Prime Minister’s office.

In urban Bangalore, only 300 farmers have enrolled for the scheme and in rural Bangalore out of 1,78,867 farmers, only 1077 farmers have enrolled.

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Image Source: Agriculture Department

The Pradhana Mantri Fasal Beem Yojana (PMFBY)was introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in February 2016 to save farmers from debt and to fix the loopholes of the previous National Agriculture Insurance Scheme. It provides crop insurance to farmers at a premium of only two per cent of the assured sum for Kharif crops, 1.5 per cent for the Rabi crops and five per cent for commercial and horticulture crops.

The Agricultural Insurance Corporation evaluates the crops.

Home Ministry records say 3000 famers have committed suicide have been registered in the last three years. However, the majority of the farmers in Bangalore are unaware of it. Department of Agriculture says only .58 per cent of farmers have enrolled for the scheme in Bangalore city.

Golahalli Panchayat Development officer, N Munichickiah, said “No one has come to us to enroll for the scheme yet.” Channa Basappa who lives in Gonipura and is a police inspector didn’t know about the policy and said “Government doesn’t tell us about such schemes.

”His partner and care-taker of the farms, Shivanna, said “Even if we go to the Panchayat for funds they tell us to come back later saying we haven’t received any funds from the government.” Chichudaya and Pawan from Devagere had similar things to say. They said that the Panchayat doesn’t help them at all so they have stopped going to them.

Mr. Kotresh Uppar a retired politician science professor said that “the reason behind failure of these schemes is that most of the farmers in the country are uneducated and the process for enrollment for such policies is very complicated. Corruption is another factor, the Gram Panchayat doesn’t spread much awareness about such schemes and use up the finances themselves. All government policies should be well advertised and enrollment policies should be simplified for the better response from the public.”

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