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Prohibited fishing snaps fishermen’s business

Madiwala Lake where fishing happens despite it is prohibited

By Hakimuddin
Bangalore, September 22, 2016: Many fishermen are fishing illegally at many Bangalore lakes, affecting not just the ecology of the lake, but also the business of fishermen who carry licenses to fish.

Lakes at Ulsoor, Madiwala and Hebbal are major water bodies for fishing. Raghavendra Ampa, a fisherman from Andra Pradesh, who has a license to fish at Madiwala Lake said, “My partners and I do fishing in this lake. We also have a little lake side establishment where we all live. In Madiwala Lake, many people fish without a license which affects our business by Rs. 300-400 a day. They take away four to five kilos of fish from our area. Police patrol around this lake but it is not effective as they always managed to escape”.

The Karnataka Inland fisheries ACT- 1996 prohibits any kind of fishing in any public water body like lakes and ponds if one is not issued with a license by Fisheries department of Karnataka. However, unauthorized fishing continues at these lakes.

Siddaiah, a fisherman who has no license said “I fish here from 8 to 10 am; I know it is illegal but that’s how I make money. Usually I sell three to four kilos of fishes a day.”

Senior Officer of Lake Development Authority, Mr. Ramacharya said that “fishing without license in illegal in Bangalore, if anyone get caught they have to face three months of imprisonment and penalty of Rs. 3000. Fisheries department of Karnataka has assigned patrolmen at many lakes of Bangalore’.

Dr. Deepanjali A., assistant director of fisheries says “The Fisheries department allots the lakes in Bangalore to listed societies and co-operative groups which have fishermen associated to them. The lakes are allotted on lease of five years to all the societies and co-operative groups, fishermen associated to these groups have to renew their license yearly. All these groups are bound to certain laws and regulations which regulates fishing practices in respect to quantity, species and area.”

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