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Clogging in Pantarapalya drainage poses health hazards

Clogged drain resulting in water-logging at Pantarapalya

By Durwas Sanjay Rane
Bangalore, September 22, 2016: Clogged drains and water-logging in Pantarapalya has resulted in four people contracting dengue in the locality in the last month.

Residents from Pantarapalya are concerned about the stagnant sewage water in theirlocality because there has been rise in mosquito-borne diseases.

Mr. Kumar, a dengue patient from 3rd cross road said “The BBMP and BWSSB have remained unresponsive to requests to clear the choked drainage line which has resulted in accumulation of water on the main road.” Mr. Kumar works at a plastic molding factory and cannot take medical leave often. He added, locals are unable to walk through this main road and situation gets awful in the morning when people are bathing which adds more water into this choked drain. Locals are also accusing civic authorities of neglecting them because they reside near an industrial layout.”

Earlier this week, because of heavy rain the level of water increased to two feet. This was cleared by the BBMP. Mrs. Savitrima, a senior citizen from Pantarapalya said she has regularly been complaining to BBMP joint officer Mr. Gowda to clean the choked drain. She also said, the road is flooded from past one month and it has resulted in a foul odor and influx of mosquitoes.

However, BBMP’s joint officer Mr. Gowda blamed the decade old drainage system for water-logging in third cross road and also claimed, he is trying to maintain cleanness in his ward.

Dr.Chandrashekar, who runs a clinic in Pantarapalya said “In the monsoon I examine 10 to12 dengue and casual fever patients every year and stagnant water due to poor infrastructure results into mosquitoes breeding.” Research by Entomologist Professor Mr. Anjum Sohail, the chairman of Department of Entomology at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad has found that mosquitoes may also lay eggs in muddy water which can cause dengue.

The inhabitants in Pantrapalya had volunteered to clean the drainage whenever it overflowed but the drains have not been pumped out for years together, they allege. Corporator of Nayandahalli, M Savitha said “I’m trying my best to replace these age old drainage line with new RCC drums but issuing tender might take a month or few.”

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