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Sewage leakage at Koramangala causes potholes, creates traffic congestion

Potholes near Sony World Traffic Junction

By Anirudh Saligrama
Bangalore, September 22, 2016: A two-week old sewage pipe leakage near Sony World, Kormangala has caused potholes at the junction, which has led to traffic congestion.

The commuters on the road have to take a diversion towards the side lane, which not only causes traffic congestion, but could also cause accidents.

Mr. Sharath, a frequent traveller on this road said, “I travel on this route daily for my office and I find it really difficult to ride my bike due to these potholes and sewage water flowing outside.”

Mr. Laxman Kumar, another frequent traveller on this road said, “It is really difficult to navigate here. Since my car has lower ground clearance, it matters a lot when I need to incur expenses if there is huge damage.”

Lokesh Nayak, traffic constable at Audogodi police station says, “These potholes were formed almost two weeks ago. Due to these potholes, it has also become difficult to manage traffic movements. Instead of standing at the traffic signal managing traffic from all directions, one traffic policeman has to stand at the location of pothole just to make sure that there is no congestion. The BBMP should start looking into this on priority.”

M. Hari Prasad, Assistant Engineer at Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), Koramangala said, “The sewage water is overflowing on the road due to the pipe leakage. We had written to Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) to stop the sewage water overflowing.

“We can add up the patchwork on potholes as a temporary solution, but it doesn’t make any sense because again when the sewage water overflows, it is again a mess. So once the BWSSB finishes the work, our next step is to get the road repaired,” he added.

Mohan, Assistant Engineer at BWSSB – Koramangala division said, “The sewage water has been overflowing due excess of sewage released from various locations. We had sent an approval for estimation at BWSSB head office after we received letter from BBMP. We will also take a call on tender in next 15 days and work on this on emergency basis.”

BWSSB did not specify the exact time within which the pothole sewage pipe is supposed to be fixed. The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Act, 1964, says that the BWSSB should specify a reasonable time for doing any works done by them.

Traffic expert, M.N. Shreehari said, “Koramangala is a rich locality and is known for the restaurants located in the area. But the condition of the road near the Sony World traffic signal junction is really bad, causing burden for traffic policemen to ensure that there are no causalities. Sometimes traffic police personnel try to cover the potholes with stones and bricks for commuters safety but get washed away with the sewage itself. A road should not withhold any water and must ensure that it flows away. The corporation must take responsibility and act swiftly.”



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