Idanna Odbedi

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Idanna Odbedi’a book written by Upendra has hit the city today. The first ten pages of the book dissuade the readers from reading the book.

The Maverick actor and now politician spoke about his interests during a short interview. “I entered film industry so that I could become a politician. During school days, my teachers spoke about freedom fighters with so much pride. I always felt I need to become a politician one day and fight for the country.”

He also spoke about his views on government and his new political party Karnataka Pargnyavahta Janatha Party (KPJP). He stated that his party will be completely transparent.

“Our party is not a political party, it is a party run by the people, and anyone can become a leader. We don’t want any rich person to join our party and shell out money, instead, we want someone who can understand the needs of people and help them.”

His wife Priyanka is supportive of this decision. “I am happy Priyanka is supporting me. She doesn’t want to join politics because we have children and she doesn’t want to be occupied with this. If she enters politics, it will be through her efforts and not because of me”

Upendra’s sudden shift from movies to Politics has surprised everyone. He is another actor in the list of Kannada actors to join politics after Amabarish, Umashree, and Ramya.

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