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RSPM increasing to dangerous levels

The city is choking on RSPM

source: The Hindu

By Mansi Bhasin

Bangalore, Oct 20:
The increasing level of Respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) is above safety numbers which is leading to an increase in asthma and other chronic diseases in the city.
A recent look in the statistics by the KSPCB – Karnataka state pollution control board show that air pollutants in some majorly populated areas in the city have increased in the past three years which is causing health problems for people living in those areas of Bangalore.

 According to the Central Pollution Control Board, the permissible limit for RSPM is 60 microgram per cubic metre. Karnataka Pollution Control Board revealed that this pollutant was:
(2015- 2016)

  • 283.0 micrograms per cubic metre in whitefield
  • 170.0 micrograms per cubic metre in Victoria Road,
  • 140.0 micrograms per cubic metre in Peenya Industrial Area.
  • 115.0 micrograms per cubic meter in Yeshwanthpura Police Station,
  •  108.0 microgram per cubic metre in Indira Gandhi Children Care Institute
  • 248.0  micrograms per cubic metres in Mysore Road

source- Karnatala state pollution control board

 The increase in this deadly pollutant is leading to an increase in the respiratory and health problems in the city. Dr. Mohan Murali, who is a consultant pulmonologist, said “patients constantly complain about frequent cough, tiredness, shortness of breath, headache and nasal congestion. These are the early symptoms of asthma. Most of the diagnosis show these as a result of breathing or living in polluted areas.”

RSPM: A deadly pollulant for human health
source: Slideshare

Three years back, Dr. Mohan used to treat 15-20 patients daily out of which 5-6 of them were diagnosed with asthma. Now, he 30-35 patients come for consultation daily with breathing and respiratory problems. The number of asthma patients who visit him today have gone up by 10- 11 per day.
The KSPCB monitors all the stations in the city and it says they are trying to improve air quality levels by the next year.


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