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Illegal racing accelerates in city

Image source: i.ytimg.com

By Vivek Dubey
Bangalore, 20 Sept: Illegal racing of vehicles has increased by more than 78 per cent in the past two years in Bangalore.  Bangalore City Police recorded 319 cases in 2015 and 569 until July 2016.

Bangalore City Police say drag racing crews are frequently taking over roads by racing and performing dangerous stunts in the middle of the night. Bikers aged 16 - 25 years are performing wheelies, racing and triple riding on two-wheelers near Frazer Town, Mysore Road, Peenya Flyover and Airport Road. “This is a routine practice among youth,” says Anil Purohit, Senior police inspector, at Traffic Police Headquarter, Cubbon Park. He added that, these illegal races normally occur during late night and early hours, mostly during weekends.

As recently as September 11, a pillion rider died when the biker suddenly performed a stunt and she fell off the bike and came under the wheels of a truck. This was in Frazer Town. East sub-division alone has fined 47 people in 2015. In 2016 till July, 759 people were fined.

Groups of riders ride at speeds exceeding 150 kms an hour, said Mr. Ashok, Traffic Police Inspector at Shivajinagar Traffic police station. He added that it has become more common over the last one and a half years. He added that racers are taking advantage of the fact that there are fewer officers out on the roads during those hours. And they mostly do it for adventure and fun.

Not just bikes, but autos rickshaws also take part in such races. Bikers and car drivers prefer the expressways.

Jagat Nanjappa , professional racer and organizer said, “Racers don’t race on busy streets because they need free space to show their talent and highways and freeways are the best place for it. And most of the racers just want to act cool in front of their friends. If they don’t have experience, they shouldn’t be racing.”

Another racer, Amit Dwivedi said that racers know their area and are racing when there is least traffic on the road and mostly in the late hours. A racer, on the condition of anonymity, revealed that they don’t race on public places but on private construction sites or private streets by sometimes bribing guards.

Dr. Manoj Sharma, Behavioral Psychologist at NIMHANS said that, racers are addicted to risk taking activities to reduce their stress and to get the feeling of satisfaction. He added that, the teenage drivers aged 16-19 years are at the highest risk.
Police Inspector Puttu Swamy Traffic Police Headquarter, Cubbon park said, they race to demonstrate their capabilities, and are stupid to realize that it's not actually racing, just a form of hedonism. He said, “Don't ever do this, it's very dangerous, and you also put the other people's life in danger too.”




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