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No takers for Tamil school

Govt. Tamil/ Kannada Higher Primary Nursery School a dumping spot.

By Shubhangi Shukla
Bangalore, 20th Sept:: The number of students joining the the Government Tamil/Kannada Higher Primary Nursery School on Thimmaiah Road in Shivajinagar has been coming down. This is because English is not the medium of instruction.
The school headmistress said that the number of Tamil minority admissions has gone down tremendously. Parents prefer English as the primary medium of instruction over minority languages, she said. English and Kannada are taught as two separate subjects in the school. All other subjects, including mathematics and social science are taught in Tamil. Venkatesh, father of a sixth grade student Sriram said, “If English were there it would’ve been better. We need English as the primary medium.”

D. Shashi Kumar, General Secretary of Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka said, “Any parent and child would like to choose the survival language. Parents prefer English over their mother tongue because their children need to be on par with children who have English as the primary medium. The issue can be solved by making the English as the medium of instruction. It is possible to convert the school into English medium as Karnataka High Court in March, 2015 passed an order directing schools to use English as the medium of instruction for standards 1 to 5. Individual management should take permission because court has given provision.”

The headmistress said, “We have applied for permission to use English as the primary medium of instruction in March 2015 to the block officer, but we are still waiting for approval.”

The school also faces another problem—that of garbage.. Nearby homes use the periphery of the school as a garbage dump. Sriram(12) a sixth standard student wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi last year complaining about garbage dumping near the school premises. ‘I am waiting for the reply’, he said.

Apoline Fernandes a faculty member said, all three school teachers got dengue in October 2015 due to the unclean school premises. She also was diagnosed with rheumatic fever. The headmistress said, “We have to wear sweaters to school to protect ourselves.”


K. Vaijayanti, Head, Research, Resource and Evaluation, Akshara Foundation in her case study on educating minority said, “urban planning seems to lack holistic approach towards the maintenance and functioning of these schools. Many of schools are in a dilapidated state and do not offer even basic facilities. The basis of setting up of these minority schools was to address the equity issues of the minority communities.
The percentage of attendance in school on any given school day is a good indicator of the functioning of the school.”  



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