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Bangalore’s garbage threatens village kids’ health

Heaps of garbage lying in Subbarayan Palya garbage plant

By Mahima Paul
Bangalore, Sept 20: Residents of Subbarayan Palya are facing a health crisis. Children are falling ill with malaria and viral fever due to the close proximity of a garbage-processing plant located just a kilometer from the village. The plant is run by Morgan Solid Waste Power Ltd. (MSWP).

“The mounds of garbage attract flies and mosquitoes, children are falling sick every next week and it stinks a lot. We can’t even eat in our homes,” complained Bhavya, a resident of the Subbarayan Palya village.“When the garbage truck passes here it always leaves behind a stink. The municipal corporation is responsible for the entire problem” said Basuraj, another resident of the village.

Local doctors are treating 10 to 20 viral patients a week and most of them are children. “Viral fever, dengue and malaria are very common in the area because of mosquitoes,” said Dr. M.S.Bharat,general physician at Raja Rajeshwari Hospital. “Residents can also get respiratory diseases like bacterial infection due to the garbage burning,” adds Dr. Nabil, a pulmonologist at same hospital.

“The process is not responsible for the problem residents are facing,” said Surya Prakashan, manager of the MSWP plant. “The (municipal corporation) BBMP is supposed to give us four to five acre of land to dump the waste that comes out of the segregation process, but they did not provide that. Due to which we have to dump the waste inside the plant, which leads to growth of bacteria and stink and can lead to heath issues.”


“The capacity of the plant is 200MT, but it processes only 160 to 180MT every day. To process one slot of garbage fully we need almost 45 days, but BBMP is regularly sending trucks full of garbage from the city. So, we don't have any choice other than dumping waste in the plant,” he added.

But the BBMP has a different explanation. “The plant is under contractto the company and these people are not working properly, due to which residents are facing problems. BBMP is planning to take over the plant from them due to frequent opposition of residents in the area,” said Venkatesh, BBMP engineer at Kengeri.

According to the residents, BBMP representatives are avoiding them. "No matter how much we protest against the BBMP garbage plant, they still keep sending garbage trucks and the police is also supporting them. We requested twice for meetings but BBMP never turned up,” said Santhkumar, a resident of Subbarayan Palya.

Environment experts warn the problem could be more serious.When the wet waste is kept t
here, whether it is rotten or due to the fermentation process, it will smell. But that is not so harmful. If mosquitoes are breeding, that means they are draining water from the process on to open ground. But it can affect the ground water also because the water that comes out of the process might be acidic and can lead to heath issues, “, warned Suresh Heblikar, an environment expert.





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