BBMP’s Biometric Registration still a work in progress


Bangalore, October 17, 2017:The proposed BBMP plan to register all pourakarmikas on the roll is yet to complete.

Pourakarmikas of 15-20 wards are still to be registered in the one-time biometric registration system of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). The BBMP had initially planned to complete the process by the 10th of this month.

Santhosh, environmental engineer in the BBMP said, “The process is still going on. 10 per cent of the work is still to be completed. Out of 198 wards we still need to complete the work in 15-20 wards.”

Biometric system is a way for a government or other organizations to keep detailed information about their workers.

“All the pourakarmikas are not permanent employees. They are hired by the contractors. There is no rule which guarantees them permanent place. We can change. By the 20th we will finish the work. The biometric process is a hectic process,” said Lakshmi Narayan, an assistant executive engineer in the BBMP.

A report published in The Hindu said that the biometric system is way for the BBMP to bring down the number of 32, 000 pourakarmikas on rolls.

"It is a good initiative and it will give us an identity.  Though it is too early to tell about its benefits of the BBMP scheme, but I have a feeling that it’ll surely help in future.” says Nagesh, a pourakarmika already registered with BBMP for Biometric set up.

Maitreyi Krishnan, a lawyer from Manthan Legal, “The process is on-going right now. The count of pourakarmikas that we have, are the inflated numbers and not the actual numbers. The real numbers will come out after the process is completed.”      

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