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Drilling stalls overdue bridge construction in Byatarayanapura


By Suraj Radhakrishnan

Bengaluru, Sept 12, 2016:  Work on the bridge over a main drain on Mysore Road has been stalled after workers caused a sewage pipe to break in Deepanjali Nagar.The old bridge, at the junction of BHEL and Mysore Road was pulled down ten months ago. A portion of it was rebuilt and opened in January, but work has been going on on the rest of it since eight months.

Workers were drilling to lay foundation for a wall ten days ago when the pipe that brings sewage from Deepanjali Nagar to the drain cracked.
This has led to a major engineer and staff redistribution, stalling work further. It will most likely eat into the initial budget of the project and also overshoot the deadline. The road work is not the only priority now with both areas needing workers non-stop.

The Assistant Engineer of this project Hemant Ganapathy says, “We have been given a September end deadline but the pipe shattered due to nearby heavy machine drilling. This will take at least two more months now and there is concern of sewage leakage in the future. I keep running between the two sites all day.”
The over-bridge expansion work is also severely affecting traffic on the BHEL electronics division junction.

“Work has been terribly slow here, hampering traffic flow for long hours. 17-20 minor accidents take place here a week, but go unrecorded. Only a few are recorded but they are not enough to lodge a complaint against the contractors.” says chief traffic police of BHEL junction, Mr.Shivanada Bewoor.

“The work was scheduled to be completed in two months. It’s been eight months since they started. The final deadline for the bridge was September 30, but now, they broke the other pipe. Business has been very slow because of all these lorries and trucks.” says nearby paan-shop owner, Ramesh (53).

Mr.Ramanujan.R , PhD Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Materials and Instrumentation, says, “This project shows a lack of planning and general shoddiness. This is poor engineering and needs to be rectified with proper charts and planning.”


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