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KR Market hawkers snatch vendors trade

By Pramita Sarkar

Bengaluru, Sep 12, 2016: Vendors in KR Market say they are facing losses because hawkers outside the market take away their business.

Hawkers sitting on the entrance are easily accessible to the customers. This, say vendors inside the market, significantly reduces their customer base.
A vegetable vendor named Shaukat Ali inside the market said, “There is no space for the customers to come inside the market as the entrance is blocked by the hawkers.” Adding to this, the neighboring shopkeeper, Mohan said, " Hawkers outside attract the customers and engage them in conversation. So they don’t come inside and I suffer losses."

Hawkers sitting outside say there is no competition with the vendors inside the market as everybody is doing their own business. Harshad, selling garlic and green chilies in his cart, dreams of having a shop inside the market someday.

“Who doesn’t want a shop inside but who will take so much of headache to get a trade license, I am happy with my temporary set up”, says Janu,a fruit seller outside KR Market.

Tejaswini a college student said she prefers buying from the hawkers outside the market as they sell fresh fruits and vegetables and avoids going inside the market as it is dirty. Jaswanth, a daily customer said “I mainly buy fruits and vegetables from outside hawkers in small quantities in cheap rates on a daily basis, but for large quantities I prefer buying from the vendors inside the market as it is more profitable”.

BBMP had planned a new building to shift the hawkers inside the market premises. But the construction stopped midway. Mr. Ajai Pradhan, Dean of BGS School of Architecture and Planning said that to give equal rights to the hawkers and vendors it is necessary to bring back the old essence of India and give away open land to them for their business. He further added that shifting hawkers inside a building will result in vendors earning only a nominal income and they cannot afford the expenses which go into documentation and getting licenses.


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