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Underbridge cuts down rush hour woes

By Mohitjeet Virk 

Bengaluru, Sep 12, 2016: The newly-constructed under bridge on Hennur Main road has cut down commute time considerably, especially for people who just want to cross the railway track.

It has reduced the distance by two to three kilometers and the commute time by at least 15 to 20 minutes.  “People who want to go just across the railway crossing can now access the under bridge instead of taking the one kilometer long flyover above it, taking the u-turn at the end of it and returning to the area adjacent to the railway crossing” said the vegetable vendor Pradeep. The vegetable vendors can now easily take their vegetable carts across the railway crossing using the underbridge.

According to autorickshaw driver Arun it can even take an hour or more to cross the Lingarajapuram flyover due to heavy traffic during peak hours. Taxi driver Appu said  “It takes only four to five minutes to cover the same distance that used to take half an hour before the construction of the underbridge.”

According to the BBMP Chief Engineer (East) B S Prasad, BBMP started the project in 2013 and completed it in July 2016. The project went through a few hiccups when the bridge was opened for the traffic before its proper inauguration and the construction was not even complete.

When the under bridge was opened for commuters in July a pedestrian bridge was still being constructed over it. The commuters had to cross the under bridge while welding process was still going on above it, which could have led to an accident. The project started with a budget of Rs 7.5 crores which went up to Rs 10 crores because the contractor couldn’t complete the project on schedule.

However, other problems continue under the Lingarajapuram flyover. It has a taxi-stand, a vegetable market and a garbage dump.
Dr. Ajai Chandran. C.K, Dean BGS School of Architecture and Planning said spaces under flyovers must be beautified or used for increasing the green belt of the city.. He said “Though the flyovers and underbridges across the city have unquestionably been very helpful for the commuters, but most of these constructions have been ill-planned.”


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