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Stalled market building creates space crunch

By Mansi Bhasin

BENGALURU, Sep 12, 2016: The already-crowded K. R. Market is facing a space crunch thanks to the stalled construction of its new wing. The new wing was built to the plinth level in 2013, but nothing has happened since then.

This delay in construction has led to a shortage of space for shopkeepers. Also, numbers of vendors who have set up temporary carts have gone up.
Mr. Reddy, a regular customer since 20 years said that there is an enormous increase in the number of vendors and the market population in the recent years.

The traffic police officer on duty said that,” these vendor vehicle owners have a lot of unity amongst them and do not respond to warnings or give fines” .The BBMP officials at K.R market say that, “The construction of a new building was started in 2013. But, it is left undone due to the huge garbage problem that surrounds the area”.

According to a report published by Delloitte, the construction was to begin in January 2013 and was to be in six months. It was a private public partnership contract (PPP) where 78 per cent of the expenditure was to be borne by the BBMP.  The developer would share 56 per cent of the revenue with the BBMP. The new wing would include facilities like multi level car parking, cold storage and lifts.

Dr. Ajai Pradan, Dean of BGS school of Architecture and Planning, says the problem with the market planning is the structure. He said, “We should not make the farmers accumulate inside the market. The true essence of vegetable shopping lies in open markets not closed buildings.”
The construction site is surrounded by heaps of garbage and no steps are taken till now.


 Capital expenditure assumptions

Construction costs

Cold storage

Retail space

Landscape/ drive away

Other space

 (Rate/sq ft on total built up area)





Other costs


Number of units

Rate per unit (in lakhs)












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