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Low cables in Rajagopal Nagar posing high-voltage threat

By Karen Noronha

Bengaluru, Sep 12, 2016: Electric wires hang from electric poles at Rajagopal Nagar posing a danger to pedestrians.  Recently, a 10-year old got a shock when she came into contact with the wires.

Prasanna (37), who runs a fridge repair shop pointed out at how low the wires were hanging. He recalled, “A 10-year old girl named Rani used to play here, she suffered a shock from one of these wires, and she had to get treatment at Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital & Research Centre. “

Rani’s father, Kishore (32) said that even after the incident, there were complaints made to the officials to change the light poles and add new ones but no changes have been made yet. “We don’t allow her to play outside anymore.”

Residents in Rajagopal Nagar add that during rains, there are short circuits and even power cuts for four to five hours or even a whole day leaving the Rajagopal Nagar area in darkness.

Even the transformers installed on the electric poles have naked cables which have exposed fuse wires, which are as low as six feet from the ground.
Vishnu (49), local sweet shop owner, said, “The meter boxes are kept low because it’s easier to repair. They still don’t close the boxes properly.” A BESCOM official said they have made attempts at repairs but their main focus right now was monitoring the ‘hooking’ situation (stealing power from lines with iron hooks.) prevalent in the slums of that area.

Urban planner Sharath H Aithal said that, “The electric poles need to be aligned with the underground cables and BESCOM should shift this in place to avoid danger to pedestrians.”


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