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BBMP uses public place for dumping garbage, pollutes Yelachenahalli Lake

 By Anirudh Saligrama

Bengaluru, Sep 12, 2016: BBMP’ dump yard on Kashinagara main road, is polluting Yelachenahalli Lake  At least 20 cases of dengue, malaria and typhoid have been reported in the area.

When it rains, the garbage flows into the lake, polluting it. A pungent odor emanating from the area cases discomfort to pedestrians and motorists.
BBMP’s door-to-door garbage collectors dump all their collected garbage here. This becomes incentive for other residents to also throw their garbage in the same place.

Marimala (40), a lakeside resident for seven years, said, “We put up a hoarding, asking people not to dump garbage, but in-vain. Since the collectors started dumping there, people openly dump there too.”

The garbage has led to various health problems for the residents. Nagaraj (65), another resident of Yelachenahalli is now suffering from infected mosquito bites on his leg which has made walking difficult. “I have been residing here for the past 20 years. Only recently,the BBMP has converted this place into a dump. Now the mosquitoes have increased.”

Dr. Santosh Kumar Ray, family physician at the local clinic, said, “The garbage pile-up has caused the number of mosquitoes to increase here, leading to an increase in the number of mosquito-related diseases.. So far in August, there were around 20 cases of typhoid, dengue.”

BBMP councilor of Yelachenahalli, V. Balakrishna said, “We are currently finding a location for a proper dump yard. Hence, as of now this area is being used to dump garbage.” He added that the roads in the area are narrow and trucks can’t enter, so garbage is being dumped near the lake.

According to the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976, BBMP is supposed to manage the garbage within the Palike area. The BBMP had also issued guidelines regarding solid waste segregation process. The BBMP guidelines say that a fine of Rs.100 to Rs.5000 can be issued for improper disposal.

M.S. Venkatesh Prasad, a resident has formed Yelachenahalli Neighborhood Lake Improvement Trust. The trust conducted 'Save Yelachenahalli Lake' an awareness program in December 2014. He said. “We formed the trust to save the lake.The lake switched from the care of BBMP to the BDA and switched back six months back. We have written to both but to no effect.”

Eco Watch founder, Suresh Heblikar said, “Since caretaker responsibilities have switched there has been a lack of planning. The internal team is malfunctioning here. Engineers and planners should work together with ecologists while developing lakes. Pollutants like sulphide enter the water through dumps. This harms aquatic life.”


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