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Heat induced asthma on the rise

Air pollution contributes to a rise in the number of asthma cases each year

The city pulmonologists are witnessing a rise in the cases of Asthma during summers due to a rise in the heat and pollution in Bangalore.

According to the study in US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Bangalore has been has been listed as a city that would be hit by severe heat along with 44 more cities worldwide. These cities are confronting the worst heat because of global warming.

The median of extreme hot days yearly is forecasted to double in future.
The metropolitan cities as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Surat, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad are included from India in that list.
Dr. KS Satish, Pulmonologist, Vikram Hospital and Fortis Hospital, said, “Pollution is the biggest problem in the world. Bangalore is one of the major cities choking with pollution. Emissions from vehicles react with the summer heat and cause respiratory problems as asthma. Another major contributor to heat induced asthma is the summer pollen. The trees have to bear the burning heat during summers and they produce certain chemicals. These chemicals donate to the pollens becoming potent. Petrol and diesel emissions that settle on these pollens increase the risk of asthma.”

“Previously we used to attend two to three asthma patients during summers but now the numbers have increased to more than fifteen on daily basis. Sometimes the asthma attacks are so severe that the patients have to be admitted in intensive care units. On World Health Day today, I would like recommend people to remain in shades as much as possible; they must use protective gear as masks while travelling outdoors. There are other problems as conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome and skin allergies associated with summer heat. People should take precaution against all.  They must stay hydrated and cautious all the time” added Dr. KS Satish, Pulmonologist, Vikram Hospital and Fortis Hospital.









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