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Apollo holds conference on World Health Day, brings recovering transplant patient on stage

Apollo hospital discomforts recovering patient to promote their surgery success

The conference started with the speaker, Dr. Priyanka, talking about depression,how organ failure can lead to depression as the patient can’t lead a normal daily routine Afterwards, the press conference turned into a promotion for the state’s first Intestinal Transplant carried out by Apollo Hospitals.

The 45-year-old factory worker, Venkatesh Naik from Davangari, started experiencing abdominal pain in mid 2016. He visited shuffled between two local nearby government hospitals. His intestine was removed because of gangrene infection and the doctors referred him to Apollo Hospital Bangalore.


Apollo Hospital Bangalore treated the patient for 4 months, providing him all the facilities for free. The medical fee was covered by crowd-sourcing, his daughter raised some funds with help of his friends and teachers at school.The major share of the funds came from a crowd-sourcing NGO, Milaap. Milaap gathered Rs 21 lakhs in donation from its website.

The Management brought Venkatesh to speak to the press to stage, he could hardly walk up to the stage and was breathing heavily. The reporters at the venue themselves asked the management not to disturb him in this condition.

 So his son took over the mic and talked about Apollo’s contribution. His son, Vinay started crying as he addressed the press, he thanked the Apollo Hospitals and Milaap. He said “We are very thankful to Milaap for their generosity and kindness. Apollo has helped them a lot as they didn’t have single penny left to pay for the treatment. Earlier treatment had eaten up all the savings and the family was left with no money as Venkatesh was sole earner of the family.”

Head Surgeon, Dr. Mahesh Gopashetty said that teamwork is the key to success in such operations, a team of 30-40 people was taking care of him. The operation only went for a couple of hours, but the post and pre-surgery planning, fighting off the infections and finding the perfect organ match was the main task added the doctor.

CEO, Apollo Hospital Bangalore, Davison P K, said “We often help such patients who are financially unwell, we just send the letters to NGOs and pharmaceutical giants to help in the treatment. Mostly the response is positive and people come forward to help the patients. The Hospital puts it contribution in the process as well and puts in the remaining money for the treatment.”

Apollo did indeed do a good job in saving Venkatesh’s life but bringing him on stage for the speech was bad commercial move on their part said a fellow reporter.









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