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Residential areas facing dangerous levels of noise pollution

Image Source: conserveenergyfuture.com

By Shantanu Sinha

Bangalore, Oct 6: Residential areas in Bangalore facing problem with noise which is disrupting peace of life. Residential and sensitive areas like NIMHANS and Residential areas like BTM, Domlur are worst hit. According Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, the levels there are exceeding more than 20%of the dB (decibel) limit.

People are complaining about high noises and disturbance usually at night time in residential areas. Sensitive areas (areas within 100 meters of school, hospital) as marked by sound pollution board are also exceeding the limit by a high margin; according to KSPCB’s Continuous noise monitoring data of Bangalore city NIMHANS tops the chart in sensitive area with exceeding the limit by 51% in the month of June last year and 33.5% this march. While BTM is facing the most sound pollution in residential areas with 36% last year to 32.2% this march, other areas like GS HALLI and Domlur also affected.

Shivanappa (50), a businessman and a resident of BTM layout said, “There are too many students living in the area and they play loud music during night which disrupts life and I cannot sleep peacefully after work. I complained to the police for a few times but police warnings do not affect much and the chaos starts again after few days”. There are also noises that come from shrill horns from motorbikes which is illegal”.

Manju Nath sub inspector (Vivek Nagar) said “we can confiscate the equipment if the music is beyond permissible limit after 10 o clock or continuous offender can be charged with fine under noise pollution(regulations and control)Rules 2000.” 563 vehicles with shrill horns have been fined this year.

K.L. Prakash, Environmentalist and Professor at Bangalore University said “This sound pollution can lead to stress and even hypertension in worst cases. With increasing population in the city sound pollution is rising. There should be awareness programs and self realization among the citizens to curb this situation.

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