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Road construction; 11 children leave school due to dust


By Jenika Shah

Bangalore, Oct 6:Eight primary school students in Peenya industrial area are having dust infection and had left school and due to road construction. Mrs. Absiya Aafsa who is the principal of BISMI baby care play school said, “ The road construction have been going on for six months and the children of age two to five are facing health issues because of the dust. Eleven students have left school because of the road construction”.

“Because of road construction the parents are facing problem to get their children to the school,” She added.

The shopkeepers in that area also complain of losing customers because of road construction.  Mrs. Padma who runs a provision store there said; “Since the road construction started people avoid visiting the store. My husband Mr. Purushatom who runs this shop is having dust allergy because of the road construction”. 

The BBMP is in charge of the road construction. The Supervisor in that area said, “In the next six months , work will be completed. There are around 30 labors who are working right now and soon the construction will be completed. The workers come daily and work from - 8 am to 5 pm.

The Operator who is  in charge of the road construction said, “The work is progressing slowly because the residents are not co-operating. For the road construction we had blocked the road but the residents removed the barricades and continued using the same road. It is very difficult to work when there is continuous flow of traffic.

“We are also facing the health issues while constructing the roads but then there is no other way. To prevent from more dust we water the road twice a day but that is not enough,” He added

A health expert, Dr. Suresh who works in Aiyyappa Hospital said; “Every month I check almost 600 patients and out of that 400 patients are suffering from dust infection and viral fever .There are two reasons for increase in dust. One is because of climate change and the other one is because of construction. 

“Since six months the patients of dust infection has increased and the major reason is because of the construction,” he concluded.

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