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Bangalore traffic Police to accept challans digitally


In the next five years, Bangalore city traffic police will spend Rs 10 crore to equip its forces with a GPS enabled Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) to ease cashless payment of penalties.  These new devices will function on Android ecosystem which can also click pictures, videos and print challans.

These PDA gadgets will replace the 564 Blackberry devices that are currently used by the traffic police. “These mobile like devices are pretty advanced to handle swapping of debit and credit cards and now, Citizens cannot evade fines with an excuse of lack of cash,” said Police Commissioner of Bangalore Praveen Sood.  These gadgets are GPS enabled and can even click pictures and videos, which will help us keep a check on our force, Sood added.

Nearly, a total of 650 PDA devices have been handed over to traffic police above the rank of sub-inspectors and assistant sub-inspectors.

Praveen Sood, Commissioner of Bangalore launches the PDA gadget (Credits: Poorbita Bagchi)

In a bid to keep pace with latest digital friendly economy, Sood asserted, these PDA devices are launched to ease pressure from both citizens as well as traffic police. “The Blackberry devices which are currently used are pretty outdated as it cannot equip traffic police with functionality such as printing challans, swapping cards and scan E-documents and PDA devices can do all these tasks on a go.” He also added, it’s not practical to waste resources on all these tasks individually.

Rohit Chaudhary, a techie who recently shifted to the city said, “I usually don’t carry much cash along with me and digital payment methods will save all the hustle to run to an ATM.  GPS location while issuing tickets will also ensure less corruption.”
The city traffic police have marked 20 traffic signals across the city with “No tolerance zones” where violating laws will not be accepted.  “No motorist should stop on newly painted yellow grids at a traffic signal, if we spot any, fines will be imposed, “said police commissioner Sood.

According to Bangalore police, more than 76 lakh were registered in 2015 and these PDA devices will help traffic police manage challans digitally.   









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