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Visitors violate park rules

The visitors of Cubbon Park flout park rules.

By-Shubhangi Shukla

Bangalore, Oct 4:

The Horticulture Department that runs Cubbon Park has put up several boards instructing visitors to follow the guidelines of the park. However, they have had to book as many as 43 people for not following rules in the last year.
People smoke in the park, drink alcohol, throw garbage, pluck flowers, damage tress, and even hawk eatables. All of these and more are prohibited by the department.
Venkatesh, an ice cream hawker said, “we are not allowed to sell here but once the officers come we get away by paying a fine of Rs. 600.” He says he pays these fines nearly every other day.  Hidayat, a visitor said, I have come to the park for the first time, I’m unaware of the park fines and rules. Vendors selling plastic toys are also seen in the park frequently.
Karnataka Parks, Play-fields and Open Spaces (Preservation and Regulation) Act 1985 directs imprisonment and a fine for people violating the rules. The boards in Cubbon Park also indicate that violators must pay a Rs. 500 fine for disobeying rules.

Mr. Chetan, Horticulture Officer said, ‘we have collected Rs 17,860 as fines from violators from 2015-2016.’

Mahantesh Murgod, Deputy Director, Department of Horticulture (Cubbon Park) said, “Hawkers come inside the park premises and sell. We have fined them several times and asked them to keep out. People throw food stuff and papers all over the park. Sometimes, they also come and play in the park. They fight with security guards and deny giving fines when asked.”
He said that people make several excuses not to pay the fine. The most common among them are that they have no money, and that they can’t see the boards. Mr. Murgod added, “New visitors come each day, we warn them on offending rules. We take fines and give receipts there and then.  The fine collection report is sent to the Forest Department each year.”
Environmentalist, Dr. A.N. Yellappa Reddy said, Cubbon Park is a public place for spending quality time. Garden is meant for people to develop a bond with nature. People pollute Cubbon Park and violate all the rules, the purpose of maintaining the park goes futile. They pollute the park air, damage its plants and pluck flowers. People should learn. Authority concerned should take strict action and fellow citizens should also punish the violators.


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