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Cubbon Park metro station gets graffiti based on cartoon characters.

Angry Birds paintings on the wall of metro station

Image Credits: Shivam Rai

The artwork which includes imagination of the artist conveys many different messages and they teach or present an idea, a visual, or a feeling which connects with people. Street art and graffiti are gaining attention worldwide especially in Bangalore which is blooming with the different imaginations of the artists on the metro stations and walls.

2017 began with new graffiti’s around the Cubbon park metro station. The speciality of these graffitis is that it is unique in its own way and it is based on different concepts like two of them are based on animeated characters like ‘Pokemon’ and ‘Angry Birds’. Others are based on depicting city life, some fusion of colors on the wall, faces, one of them also shows how all the games are becoming more computer based and this has decreased the value of outdoor sports.

Last year was a revolutionary period started in the field of art for Bangalore as graffiti or street art.These were created at metro stations including Mahatma Gandhi Road and Peenya Metro Station. The aim of these art works is introduce the value of art into daily lives of people.
This was done by students of Sristhi Institute of Arts, Design and Technology to make the metro stations more attractive and grooved and to bring some happiness in people’s daily routines.

Each station offers a different color scheme and different possibilities in terms of space and light.The airy, arching hub at Byappanahalli will feature blue tinted glass and a silvery veneer says Pradeep Dinkar Deogire, chief architectural expert for the project in an interview given in The Wall Street Journal.

The art in Bangalore is not limited only till metro stations, many different forms of street art is found in various places in Bangalore like: 

  • In Malleshwaram there is a graffiti on a railway building titled as ‘Ignorance is Blindness of the Soul’ and these are made by German artists.


Photo Source: Hendrik Beikirch

  • Another great street art is made in Kormangala near Jyoti Nivas college. It contains gender related issues like feminism with catchy colors and humorous imagination.

Photo Source: Shilo Suleman

  • A remarkable graffiti is made on St.Mark’s road  which potrays freedom from hierarchy and it has caught the attention of the people nationwide because it is made on the side wall of Hard rock café.

Photo Source: Code Word Music

  • Indranagar which is known for pubs and clubs in Bangalore has a street art on the wall facing the Goethe Institute on CMH Road hands of farmer and a branch coming out of it which gives the joy of remembering the contribution of farmers to the country.

Photo Source: Little Black Book.com

  • The area under the KH Double Road Flyover is given yellow colors which show the Yellow UFO {Under FlyOver} Project shows shadows of common people enjoying in different ways.

Photo Source: Jaaga DNA

  • The street work in RT Nagar is one of the most appreciated in the city as it shows the ‘pothole protests’ in the city in which a real life-sized crocodile is sitting in a 12-feet long pothole and also it contains cobweb around an open drain which portrays pothole as Yama(The God of Death in Hindu Religion).

Photo Source: Badal Nanjundaswamy

This form of art is also a way to inform people about the world of art and culture and it is made in such a way that it makes the people to stand and see it for minutes in their busy schedule. It has also become a popular spot for selfies and through social media it is getting spread across the nation” says Rakesh Gowda, a resident and daily commuter of metro.










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