India’s Billion Dollar Smart Phone Market

Photo Source: Abhishek Mitra

As a Nation of 1 Billion people, India is a hot market for Mobile Phones and Smartphone.

As of August 2016, a press release on Telephone Subscription Data India said that Indian has 1.028 billion mobile phone users. India leads the world in the number of Mobile phone users.

Smart phones and Mobile manufacturers worldwide sees a big fortune to be made in India.

However, only 82 people out 100 have a phone connection. In simpler terms, Indian people are still far behind of the world average which is of 96.

Out of 1.028 mobile phone user only 292 million have an access to a Smart PhoneThis means only 736 million people still uses normal phone in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi talk about digitization and cashless society is still a distant dream.

Source: Telephone Subscription Data.

Statically 29% of Indian owns a smartphone which is very less for a country like India. Though a very less number of Indians use Smartphone it does not mean that India is not a good market for Smartphone. If strategically calculated Indian smartphone market is worth 4 billion USD. This from the business point of view is very huge. Speaking of brands South Korean giant Samsung is the leading phone seller in India around 25% smartphone in India is of Samsung. Other players like Micromax, Lenovo, and Karbonn are workingto fulfill the requirements of Indian Smartphone users. This report tells us about the pattern of Smartphone market share in India. Players like Chinese giant Xiaomi is also fighting to grab the attention of Indian buyers by launching in feature loaded smartphones at very affordable prices.

Capturing the Indian market is not so easy Samsung was able to do it. Theycaptured the Indian market with the budget smartphone which suited the need of Indian users. Samsung is the leade of Smartphones in India. . Quality service and good quality are USP for Samsung in India. and this is the reason that Indians love buying Samsung Smartphone.. Unfortunately, in recent past, the reports of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion degraded the Company’s brand image and hindered the company’s policy of reality and sturdiness.
This indeed was picked up by Chinese giant Xiaomi which sold 2.5 million unit of it Redmi Note 3, in 5 months of its launch in India. 

According to Saif of SLN Communication,” I am facing tough competition from the online market,” he also added that ‘We provide free services with our sales, which is not providing in online sales.


This is the reason Samsung’s sales are thriving in India and Indian brands like Karbonn and Micromax are not preferred because they use cheap materials and non-reliable services make them lose the potential market and consumers.









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