Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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Prohibited Words are not Enough for Persons with Disabilities

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Is Hookah More Harmful than Cigarette?

A Journal by the American Heart Association (AHA) declares that hookah users inhale high amounts of toxic chemicals that are risky for heart and blood vessels BY SA GAYATRI Bangalore, March 19, 2019 Is hookah better because the smoke is filtered through water? In reality and according to the Denver Public health Organization, “smoke cannot […]

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Companies Adapt to the Disabled

Cheshire and Accenture among the companies who are trying to inculcate new reforms to be more inclusive. In a recent panel discussion held by the American India Foundation (AIF) and Cheshire Disability Trust (CDT), Jyothi Ganapathy, VP human resources at Accenture and P. Rajkumar, from Cheshire Disability Trust spoke about how they have adopted new […]

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Construction Workers Vulnerable To Respiratory Diseases

Silicosis and other respiratory diseases increased by 25 percent among construction workers. By Manasi Pawar Bengaluru, March 19, 2019 According to the National Human Rights Organization, Karnataka is one of the most affected states in India for silicosis. Sidhappa, a construction worker, works on contract basis and struggle every day. Now he is working in […]